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Fix Bad Breath

Bad Breath: Is Your Body Trying to Tell You Something?

The wondering and not knowing is stressful. The sudden unexpected confirmation is humiliating. And trying to cover it up feels futile.   Bad breath — we all suffer from it at some point in our lives, but why? What does it mean? And how do we get rid of it? Often it comes on without warning, and it’s identified with a grimace and a turn of the head during close conversation, when a spouse or partner rejects a kiss, or worse yet, when ... Read more
Healthy Foods

Eat and Smile Strong

5 foods (and wine!) for healthy teeth                   When it comes to your oral health, you’ve probably received a lot of information about what not to eat and drink in order to maintain a healthy, bright white smile. Sugary treats, sticky sweets, and foods that are hard and crunchy can all cause decay or chip and break your pearly whites.   Well, we’ve got good news for you! There are still plenty of foods that will please your palate while helping you build stronger, ... Read more